Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Fear Not: I Will Uphold and Hold Thee

Date: PM
Text: Isaiah 41:10,13
Psalters: 92, 241, 185, 203
Confession of Faith
  1. Divinely determined setting.
    1. The church of the Old Dispensation had many reasons to be afraid and dismayed at this time in their history.
      1. When Isaiah writes this the sincere believers were few and the existence of the nation was being threatened by Babylon.
      2. This was followed by Babylon invading Canaan three times, destroying the countryside and Jerusalem and killing many.
      3. During the captivity the sincere believers did not always remember God’s promise to limit the captivity to 70 years.
    2. Chapter 41 introduces a mighty world ruler (Isaiah 41:2,25) (Cyrus) who will conquer all nations.
  2. But Israel (and we) are told not to fear (Isaiah 40:9; 41:10,13,14; 43:1,5; 44:2,8; 51:7; 54:4) by focusing on God’s relationship to them.
    1. “I am Jehovah.”
    2. “I am … thy God” (Isaiah 41:13) and “I am with thee” (Isaiah 41:10; 43:2).
      1. How can God say this in light of the fact that the nation/church as a whole deserved severest judgment?
      2. The Self-existent and Self-sufficient Being has given Himself to them (and us) so all that He is being exercised toward us.
      3. This almighty Being filled with every perfection is with us in His essence and power.
    3. They are addressed as God’s “servant” (Isaiah 41:8,9), and as His “friend” (8).
  3. When we think of His relationship to us enable us to stand firm against doubts and fears of every kind.
    1. In His relationship to us, Jehovah God provides: “I will strengthen thee” and “Yea, I will help thee.”
    2. God portrays His care of His own in the figure of His hands.
      1. “I will uphold thee with the right hand of My righteousness.”
      2. And He promises to “hold thy right hand.”
      3. “Many things about tomorrow I do not seem to understand, but I know who holds tomorrow and who holds my hand!”