Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Star Out of Jacob

Date: AM
Text: Numbers 24:17
Psalters: 121, 5, 243, 265
  1. The shining king.
    1. The main elements:
      1. A “star” shines in darkness (our brightest star is the sun).
      2. A “scepter” speaks of royalty.
    2. Put together a star and a scepter: the appearance of a star announced the birth and rise of great kings.
      1. Balaam is made to proclaim that the King bringing great hope would arise out of Jacob and Israel, not out of Lot and Moab.
      2. Balaam declares that the Messiah was not yet present (“not yet”) and not soon (“not nigh”).
    3. This prophesy adds to all previous ones by proclaiming the promised Messiah to be a royal conqueror.
  2. The prophecy promises a Star/Scepter which will smite/destroy all the enemies of Israel and of the church.
    1. “Moab” was the greatest threat to Israel at this moment.
    2. “All the children of Sheth” would be destroyed as well.
    3. Israel’s Messiah/King id powerful, able to completely conquer all those who persecuted God’s people in the world.
  3. The true Israel of God has every reason to be hopeful at the coming of their King who will establish His kingdom in the church.
    1. The first coming of the Star is an assurance that the King shall rise, powerful and victorious.
    2. The same King promised in our text will come to execute God’s righteous judgment in this world.
      1. We can and ought to anticipate the new glorious kingdom of righteousness, established by this Star/King.
      2. We know that the power of His grace is irresistible, and therefore, let us sing.