Grace Protestant Reformed Church

As for God, His Way Is Perfect

Date: PM
Text: Psalm 18:30
Psalters: 344, 107, 204, 35
  1. His way.
    1. This calendar year has given us many experiences.
    2. David speaks of Jehovah as his God. (Psalm 18:6).
      1. David describes the power of the just God in the language of many earthly events (Psalm 18:7-16)
      2. And he sees all His successes as the work of His God (Psalm 18:17-20,27-29,32-36,39,40,43,47,48).
    3. And now David speaks of God’s way.
      1. When David speaks of God’s “way,” then he is saying that the course of his life was the sovereign plan and control of God.
      2. Refers to the way of God seen in creation and providence, namely, His power, wisdom, and goodness.
      3. Refers to the ways of God in saving His people, namely, His grace, love, and mercy.
      4. Refers to the way found in God’s law, and to keep His law is to walk in the way.
  2. David declares emphatically that God’s ways are “perfect.”
    1. This means complete, whole, entire, sound; what is complete or entirely in accord with truth and fact.
      1. First, all God’s actions are characterized by justice, truth, tenderness and mercy, and holiness – far from any error.
      2. And God’s ways are perfect in the sense of being wholesome, healthful, and good (Rom. 8:28).
    2. The judgment that God’s ways are perfect is according to God’s declaration, not based on our experience or judgment.
  3. Blessings flow from this assurance.
    1. By God we will run through and leap over (Psalm 18:29) the hurdles of this life.
    2. God is a strong defense “to all those that trust in Him.”
    3. And we will then sing about the way of our God, magnifying Him (Psalm 18:1,2,31,49,50).