My Help Comes From Jehovah

Date: PM
Text: Psalm 121:1,2
Psalters: 274, 352, 288, 347
Confession of Faith
  1. The pilgrim’s longing.
    1. The psalm expresses the spiritually weary pilgrim longing to be assured that God still is in a positive relationship with him.
    2. The name “Jehovah” helps us understand the relationship He has established and maintains.
      1. In the Old Dispensation this was in the Temple, where God dwelt with His people (cf. Ps. 27:4).
      2. In the New Dispensation we have Immanuel, God with us – with each one of us.
    3. More: Jerusalem and the temple were types of heaven.
      1. Heaven is called the new Jerusalem where God dwells with His people in Christ in perfect fellowship and friendship.
      2. Now we are pilgrims who enjoy the beginning of God’s blessings in anticipation of the fullness of God’s blessed fellowship.
  2. This pilgrim song expresses trust and reliance on Jehovah for His help.
    1. As each of us make our trek to Zion we face the devil, the alluring world, and our old man.
    2. Jehovah is the Helper and Keeper (Preserver) of His people.
      1. “Help” conveys the idea of aiding someone by surrounding them in order to defend them.
      2. And He is our “keeper,” guard, set a watch, protector, or preserver (3,4,5,7,8).
    3. We must look upward to Jehovah for help. If we look at the winds and the waves we will sink.
      1. The power of God is far greater than of all the forces against us, for He made them.
      2. He works by His almighty Spirit and Word to strengthen us so we may resist the wiles and attacks of the devil.
    4. As you begin your life as a confessing member, lift up your eyes to Jehovah, through prayer and seek Him in His Word.
    5. And you are to know that His Help is eternal: “forevermore.”