Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Prayer for the Convenient

Date: PM (Prayer Day)
Text: Proverbs 30:8,9
Psalters: 402, 285, 297, 366
  1. Convenient food.
    1. “Food” refers to the same thing as “bread” in the Lord’s prayer.
    2. “Convenient” is that which is allotted t me, or my portion, i.e., what is suitable to my need.
      1. The portion is not the same amount for everyone, but depends on the size of one’s household (as the manna, Ex. 16:18).
      2. Our allotted portion is given, i.e., it is not our right, but a recognition that God owns all things.
    3. On Prayer Day we petition God to supply our natural needs, but also our spiritual needs.
  2. This prayer evidences the great spiritual quality of knowing ourselves well, namely, that extremes are hard for us to handle well.
    1. To ask that God “give me not riches” is very much contrary to our natural desire for more, and more.
      1. The desire for riches is the root of all evil (Eccl. 5:10; Habakkuk 2:5; I Tim. 6:9,10).
      2. Wisdom is the awareness of how easy it is for us to think, I don’t need God: “deny Thee and say, Who is Jehovah?”
    2. And “give me not poverty.”
      1. Poverty is the lack of life’s necessities so our very existence is threatened.
      2. Poverty brings us to the point of desperation so we are inclined to break the law, to steal, or to curse God.
  3. What do we want to be our proper spiritual attitude toward the things of this life?
    1. Knowing that God gives as He pleases, riches for some and poverty for others, we pray this prayer submissively.
    2. We are confessing that we need God’s blessing to be faithful to Him so we use riches correctly.
    3. Do you want to pray this prayer tonight?
      1. Pray that earthly things will not interfere with our fellowship with Him.
      2. Pray that we will see earthly things as God-given opportunities to communicate with our heavenly Father.