Fear Not, Thou Art Mine

Date: PM
Text: Isaiah 43:1,2
Psalters: 317, 126, 356, 73
Confession of Faith
  1. When?
    1. God is speaking to the elect, addressing them as “Jacob” and “Israel.”
    2. These are the names for God’s people as they face greatest dangers: fire and water.
      1. The figures of a destroying fire and a drowning water are the powers of the world striving to destroy and defeat God’s own.
      2. Isaiah sees Judah in captivity in Babylon, without hope of soon deliverance – the fire and water conquered them!!
      3. The church in every age and every believer must endure much suffering.
    3. This causes fear.
  2. Why not fear? Because God created and formed the church and every child of His.
    1. Consider that God has Isaiah use the past tense at this time in the Old Dispensation, before Jesus came.
      1. He “created” and “formed.”
      2. God’s re-creation of His church and people is because He “redeemed” them.
      3. And God “called” us, i.e., His divine call brought it about, effected it (He spake and it was done).
    2. Because of the relationship God created and maintains, He adds, “I will be with thee.”
  3. How is it possible to be without fear in the face of fire and water?
    1. We experience this when our faith takes hold of the truths of God’s gracious relationship with us.
    2. Because our faith sees the cross and resurrection of Jesus, then we have peace even in the fire and water.
    3. Faith trusts Jehovah our God when in the fire and water. Faith looks to Him Who redeemed and called us.