Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Why the Law Is Preached Strictly

Date: AM
Text: Romans 7; Lord's Day 44
Psalters: 229, 321, 42, 110
Series: Heidelberg Catechism (2016-18)
  1. To identify sin.
    1. The correct knowledge of sin is essential to a healthy Christian experience.
      1. The only ones who know that they need Jesus are those who are admit that they are sinners in God’s sight.
      2. All men, by nature, deny or excuse it, minimize its seriousness and its horrible nature.
    2. God’s law reveals the perfect God, and thus accurately identifies and describes sin (not the opinions and judgments of men).
      1. The more we know God, the more we know the real nature of our sins and especially of our sinfulness.
      2. Romans 7 provides the mature, converted saint with the right knowledge of his sins and sinfulness.
      3. This is a constant matter for humility!
  2. It is the knowledge of sin which drives one to Jesus, for forgiveness and righteousness are only in Him.
    1. The faith which enables me to see that my sin is committed against God’s majesty, also shows me Jesus.
      1. My faith’s awareness of my sins and sinfulness is humbling, but it does not despair (as the devil wants).
      2. The “strict” preaching of the law calls me a sinner, weary, thirsty and hungry, and then it shows me grace, rest, water and bread of life.
    2. Though we constantly fail, there remains burning within the desire and love for God’s commandments (Rom. 7:22).
  3. The converted life in Christ has a sincere resolution to begin to live according to all of God’s commands (Canons V-2).
    1. We do not simply confess sin and sinfulness and merrily go on unchanging.
    2. We press toward perfection by mortifying.
    3. And we press toward perfection by thanking God for the wonder of salvation.
      1. Gratitude is the high motive for striving to make every aspect of our life subservient to our loving Lord..
      2. And we strive to live in increasing closer fellowship with Him, and longing for the day when we will be able to do so perfectly.