Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Prayer for Daily Bread

Date: AM
Text: Matthew 6; Lord's Day 50
Psalters: 171, 328, 400, 100
Series: Heidelberg Catechism (2016-18)
  1. The humble request.
    1. Two parts of the request are humbling.
    2. Why include this petition?
      1. First, so we learn that we may pray for the physical and earthly (Prov. 30:8).
      2. Second, this petition asks God to bless our working. We are to remember that unless God builds (bless) we labor in vain.
      3. Third, when we have more than daily, we still are to pray this petition because we are a part of a body: (“our”).
      4. Fourth, this petition reminds us that “much” is nothing if under God’s curse, and “little” (or nothing) is a blessing in His favor.
      5. Finally, God’s blessing is only through Christ, the heavenly Bread, so our daily bread serves higher purposes.
  2. This petition requires the spiritual attitude of faith.
    1. One, to pray this petition means that we do not trust in our own efforts to supply our daily needs.
    2. Second, we are taught to exercise faith toward (think of) God. We are taught to look up, to acknowledge the only Giver of food.
    3. We are taught to acknowledge the absolute sovereignty of our Father, and His wisdom to know our need and to supply it.
    4. Also faith sees that God uses the mercies of Christ (deacons).
  3. The beautiful significance.
    1. This petition does not allow for sloth, but diligence in our work.
    2. The plural pronouns “us” and “our” mean that we are concerned for the whole body of Christ, not only for self.
    3. This petition implies contentment with just bread and daily.
    4. We learn more and more to look up for our every need and to be content.