Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Lot’s Separation From Abram

Date: PM
Text: Genesis 13:1-18
Psalters: 175, 97, 31, 401
Series: Abram
  1. The strife.
    1. God had given to Abram promises of great blessings, which in the Old Dispensation was typified in physical prosperity.
    2. The strife began with Lot and thus with his herdsmen, as is evident from Abram’s attitude (Genesis 13:8).
      1. Because each had such large herds, they began arguing over pasture and water.
      2. Consider Abram’s attitude in response to this God-given conflict (Genesis 13:8,9).
  2. The separation took place with Lot choosing to leave Abram by selecting the wrong things.
    1. Lot boldly taking first choice, not even debating with Abram about it, exhibiting no self-denial.
      1. Instead he chose for the riches of this world determined by what he could see (Genesis 13:10). Lot walked by sight, not by faith.
      2. He refused to consider the spiritual threat of Sodom and Gomorrah for he “pitched his tent toward Sodom” (Genesis 13:12).
    2. Do we find the riches of this world so attractive and appealing?
  3. Abram exercised his faith, holding to God’s promise to give him (and his seed) the land of Canaan.
    1. Abram made no attempt to take it for himself (just like David the throne of Israel), but waited on God to give it to him.
    2. God immediately gives direct reassurance, which assurance comes in the way of his obeying God (Genesis 13:14,15).
    3. God used the strife to separate Lot from Abram.
    4. The Abram of Genesis 13 has grown from the Abram of Genesis 12.
    5. May we learn to beware the Sodoms of this world, and to seek the kingdom of heaven and its righteousness.