Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Servants: Not Greater Than the Lord

Date: PM
Text: John 13:12-17
Psalters: 15, 242, 207, 366
Confession of Faith
  1. The significant setting.
    1. Jesus sent Peter and John to make ready the Passover (Luke 22:7ff).
    2. In the evening Jesus with the other ten arrived at the room (Mark 14:17) travelling a couple miles over dusty roads.
    3. On the way the disciples argued among themselves who was the greatest (Luke 22:24-30).
  2. The real washing [we must see this truth before we will understand the example].
    1. Without a word, Jesus poured water in the basin, took a towel and went from one to another, washing their feet.
    2. Jesus used this as the occasion to instruct concerning His real purpose in coming: His love cleanses them from their sin.
    3. Jesus pointed out to Peter that by refusing the sign, Peter was refusing the reality (John 13:8).
      1. Jesus speaks to the picture (the foot washing) and to the reality (the thorough washing of regeneration).
      2. And they are clean, “but not all” (John 13:10,11), i.e., not all of them might be saved, though they have the sign – same true: baptism
  3. Jesus drove the point home after He finished.
    1. They all knew that He was the Mater and Lord, and they spoke of Him as such (John 13:13).
    2. To believe in the foot-washing-Jesus is to follow His example.
      1. They must be ready to render to each other whatever service is needful, no matter how lowly it may seem (John 13:14).
      2. Rank in Jesus’s kingdom comes in the willingness to serve.
    3. The washing of dirty, sweaty, smelly feet is a lesson, demonstrating Jesus loving us to the end (1).
    4. Jesus concludes by declaring of what happiness consists.