Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Why We Are Prone to Hate

Date: AM
Text: Genesis 1,3; Lord's Day 3
Psalters: 37, 103, 404, 255
Series: Heidelberg Catechism
  1. Man’s good creation.
    1. Scripture teaches that God did not create man so wicked and perverse, for God created man good.
      1. God gave special attention to His creation of man: His masterpiece in creation.
      2. Physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually man is a remarkable creation of God.
    2. Man’s creation is especially good because he was created “in the image of God.”
    3. In the Garden Adam knew blessed communion with his Creator, specifically via the Tree of Life.
    4. God’s marvelous creating, especially of man, makes Him worthy of all praise (Rev. 4:11) and worship (Rev. 14:7; Neh. 9:6).
  2. Our sin and misery is our own fault.
    1. Man was lapsable, able to fall into sin by only a single act of disobedience.
      1. Adam represented every human because God created him as representative head.
      2. The issue was the Word of God which called Adam consciously to say “Yes” and “No” in agreement with God.
    2. Satan (opponent, adversary) (the devil, slanderer, liar) attempted to get the whole human race to fall into sin with Adam.
      1. In their original integrity Adam and Eve could not be approached from within, but had to be approached from without.
      2. Satan needed a visible instrument to point man to a visible tree.
      3. Then Eve tempted Adam.
    3. The bitter consequences for Adam and all those he represented.
      1. The whole creation fell with its king and was cursed for man’s sake (Gen. 3:17,18; Rom. 8:20).
      2. By one man came sin and death by sin (I Cor. 15:21,22; Rom. 5:12; 6:23).
    4. We must accept the responsibility for all of our guilt and corruption.