Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Abram’s Great Impatience

Date: PM
Text: Genesis 16:1-6
Psalters: 408, 64, 104, 178
Series: Abram
  1. The sinful plan.
    1. It was Sarai’s idea, but Abram must have given his approval: to use her handmaid to bear for her a child.
      1. It was apparently a custom of that day where the maid was viewed as a possession with nothing as her own.
      2. Neither Sarai nor Abram consulted with God when considering this idea.
    2. Let us not let Sarai’s sin make us doubt her salvation. Cf. Heb. 11:11,12.
      1. Sarai knew that God closed her womb (Genesis 16:2).
      2. It is likely that Sarai thought that she was doing this out of faith so God’s word might be fulfilled.
  2.  Their sinful solution brought, not blessing, but more sin.
    1. The plan was despicable.
    2. God shows His disapproval.
      1. Hagar becomes proud and rebellious when she realized that she was pregnant (4).
      2. Sarai is hurt and exasperated by Hagar’s attitude (“My wrong be upon thee,” 5) and voices her complaint to Abram.
    3. Abram assured Sarai that Hagar is her slave, not his wife (Genesis 16:6).
    4. Sarai afflicted Hagar, which occasions Hagar to run away with Ishmael.
  3. God speaks His judgment.
    1. First, He uses an angel to admonish Hagar (Genesis 16:7-12).
    2. This incident must be seen as a part of God’s covenant purpose.
    3. Scripture does not cover up nor minimize the sins of God’s children, not even the spiritual giants.