Grace Protestant Reformed Church

I Believe Jesus Was Conceived and Born

Date: AM
Text: Luke 1; Lord's Day 14
Psalters: 287, 84, 365, 378
Series: Heidelberg Catechism
  1. The facts.
    1. Scripture clearly teaches the incarnation, so our Savior is both divine and human, very God and very man.
      1. Gabriel explains enough for faith to believe, leaving our curiosity unsatisfied (Luke 1:35).
      2. The result: the one “born of thee” is “holy” (free from original sin) and “shall be called, the Son of God” (who is very God).
    2. In the incarnation: the second Person of the Trinity brought about His conception and birth as a willing deed (Phil. 2:7).
    3. It was love because through the door of the incarnation Jesus entered a life of continual suffering.
  2. The benefits of Jesus’ holy conception and virgin birth.
    1. First, the Savior is identified with us.
    2. Second, Jesus has a perfect human nature, without original corruption, because He was incarnated via a virgin.
    3. Third, Jesus took away our sin at its very root.
    4. His deity assures me that His birth and death are of infinite value to satisfy God’s justice for all my sinfulness and sin.
  3. The great comfort.
    1. The gospel is one of condescension and grace: God coming down to sinful man in undeserved love for sinners.
    2. Also Jesus is able to sympathize with our weaknesses (Hebrew 4:15).
      1. There is no difference between His human nature and ours: completely human and very weak (Belgic, art.18).
      2. In all things He is able to understand all my needs, anxiety, and pain.
    3. The key to understanding the incarnation is: “With God nothing shall be impossible” (Luke 1:37; Jer. 32:27).
    4. And we learn that nothing is too hard for the Lord.