Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Elders Worthy of Honor

Date: AM
Text: I Timothy 4:17
Psalters: 170, 341, 92, 407
Installation of Elders and Deacons
  1. Who is worthy.
    1. In this chapter Paul instructs Timothy about the attitude church members are to have toward the office of elder.
    2. It is “elders” whom we are to honor.
    3. The position to be honored is further described by the activity of “rule,” i.e., to be set over, to guard or protect.
    4. Here the elders are said to rule “well,” i.e., they discharge their office beautifully, excellently, rightly so that there is little or no room for blame; they rule faithfully and diligently.
  2. The attitude and conduct required is that they are to be to judged worthy, deserving of honor; we are to think right of them.
    1. The office of elder deserves honor.
      1. We are to realize that we are honoring God when we honor His position of authority (regardless of who is in the office).
      2. And we are specifically to honor the men who in the office; we are to esteem them in our minds.
      3. Consider all the Scripture passages which call for this: Phil. 2;29; I Thess. 5:12,13; Heb. 13:7,17; I Peter 5:5.
    2. “Double honor” is to be given when they do their work well..
      1. The office (and those in it) deserves honor, and those that rule well are to be judged worthy of extra honor for faithful service
      2. When we are to give double honor to those who rule well, then it implies that some do not rule well.
    3. When we obey this duty, there are important results.
  3. How do we count the elders worthy?
    1. Pray for them; bear your office-bearers and their work continually before the Lord.
    2. Be ready to cooperate with your office-bearers, by attending to their counsel and instruction.
    3. Cherish a good, confiding relationship, especially for your elders who have an interest in your souls.