Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Take Us the Little Foxes

Date: PM
Text: Song of Solomon 2:15
Psalters: 57, 16, 21, 360
Sacrament of Baptism
  1. The setting.
    1. A young poor Shulamite maiden met the king and saw him not only handsome, but also endowed with the wisdom of God.
    2. In this beautiful courtship there is a growing intensity in their love for one another (Song of Solomon 2:8).
      1. After the shy and awkward stage of their relationship there is a growing desire to be alone with each other (Song of Solomon 2:13).
      2. In every courtship, there are going to be problems, sometimes big ones, but always little ones like little foxes.
  2. The spiritual significance.
    1. In the vineyard the husbandman plants his vines with great care.
      1. He prepares the soil, plants the roots spacing them to give room for the branches to run out, builds a wall and watchtower.
      2. Especially in the spring of the year, the husbandman must watch out for the young foxes which get into the vineyard.
      3. The vines are the members of the church, given by God to Christ, working faith in their hearts.
      4. He nurtures the growth of the vines with the preaching, sacraments and discipline.
    2. The vines, given that they are living in and out of Jesus Christ, live a new life and freed from the bondage of sin (Belgic, 24).
      1. There are many little foxes running in the midst of the spiritual vineyard of the church – anything that would damage the members so they do not bring forth the spiritual fruits they ought.
      2. Solomon (and our Savior) gives command to those guarding the vineyard (the elders) to catch the foxes, lest they damage the vines, especially that for the tender children.
      3. It is His command that anything which lessens the vines’ production be caught.
      4. Catch the foxes and bring forth spiritual fruits of thankfulness in rich abundance, to the glory of God the Father, Who has given us His glorious salvation in Jesus Christ.