Grace Protestant Reformed Church

I Believe Jesus Arose From the Dead

Date: AM
Text: II Timothy 2; Lord's Day 17
Psalters: 174, 325, 52, 30
Series: Heidelberg Catechism
  1. For our righteousness.
    1. Jesus’ resurrection indicates that His death paid for our sins, thus overcoming death’s right to dominate us.
    2. In this way He purchased righteousness for us. His resurrection proved that He did so and that it was sufficient.
      1. By raising Him God (Acts 3:15; 13:30) announced that He was completely satisfied with the payment given (Rom. 4:25).
      2. More, God’s raising Jesus demonstrates that our justification is a partaking of perfect righteousness.
    3. All your righteousness is in Jesus.
  2. Second, by the power of Jesus’ resurrection we are raised up to a new life.
    1. This new life is the life of the Spirit through which we are united with Christ our Savior so His work and life become ours.
      1. Every elected person is given this new life.
      2. This new life is the life of Jesus which the Spirit gives us in regeneration (I Peter 1:3).
    2. This life is evidenced in the ability to believe (John 5:24,25), a walking with God.
      1. Every believer has this new life in His heart, but sin still wages war against us.
      2. This life evidences itself in our repenting, in our hating sin, and in our desire more and more to live in obedience to Jesus.
  3. Third, in Jesus’ resurrection we have the promise of our bodily resurrection; it is a hope of everlasting life.
    1. Christ was raised from the dead to glory and immortality (II Tim. 1:10).
    2. His resurrection is a pledge or guarantee that we also will partake of a physical resurrection like unto His.
    3. How blessed will be the resurrection day.
    4. Nothing demonstrates God’s power for His people more than His raising Jesus (Eph. 1:19,20; Phil. 3:10; I Cor. 6:14).