Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Remember Lot’s Wife

Date: PM
Text: Luke 17:32
Psalters: 273, 91, 247, 2
Series: Abram
  1. Remember her life.
    1. The present world is set for destruction, pictured in the flood and in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.
    2. Remember that Lot’s wife shared in his journeys, adventures, and trials, coming from Ur, to Haran, and then into Canaan.
      1. Her lot was cast with God’s chosen people – she sacrificed with them and sang with them, but not with her heart.
      2. She also shared in Lot’s sin of abandoning Abraham and the altar; and was with him in Sodom’s capture and rescue.
      3. She heard with Lot the warning that God would destroy Sodom (Gen. 19:13) and heard the urgings to flee.
    3. We also are alerted and warned, given the example of Lot’s wife.
      1. Blood and marriage ties do not guarantee grace; it is possible to have all sorts of Christian privileges but be unsaved.
      2. We have Christ in the Scriptures declaring the impending judgment of God’s wrath on the world of the ungodly.
  2. Remember Lot’s wife’s death.
    1. She died because of her sin.
      1. She lingered “behind” Lot (Gen. 19:26): one worship service, little prayer and Bible reading; treasured things of the world.
      2. Next she disobeyed God’s specific command not to look back (Gen. 19:17), deliberately rebelling and choosing Sodom.
    2. She chose to walk before herself instead of before God.
    3. Her doom was the same as the inhabitants of Sodom. She received the same judgment of salt.
      1. Without further warning or a moment’s time to consider, her destruction came suddenly.
      2. Eternal hell is the lot of those who seek the things below and who despise God’s judgments.
    4. “Remember Lot’s wife” is a call to us in this dispensation with a far more frightening emphasis.
      1. Heed the command of the previous verse (Luke 17:31) not to look back at this present evil world!
      2. Instead Jesus calls us to seek those things which are above, to live in anticipation of His second appearance.