Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Jehovah Protects Isaac/Christ

Date: PM
Text: Genesis 20:2-18
Psalters: 405, 299, 95, 289
Series: Abram
  1. Abraham’s sin.
    1. Abraham moved to the southwest, which is near the land of the Philistines, whose kings were titled “Abimelech” (Genesis 20:1).
      1. Abraham repeats the sin of identifying Sarah as only his sister (Genesis 12:10ff; 2).
      2. Abraham was thinking to save his life (Genesis 20:11).
    2. The Philistines and Abimelech lived in such a way that Abraham rightly concluded that the fear of God was not there (Genesis 20:11).
      1. Apparently Abimelech, as a sovereign, took to himself any woman he desired – even 89 year old Sarah.
      2. That Abimelech had romantic/sexual intent is obvious from Jehovah’s preventing all conceptions in the king’s house (Genesis 20:18).
  2. God, who establishes His covenant, also preserves and protects it, even and especially in light of the sins of His people.
    1. Jehovah’s primary care was of the Messiah, the promised Seed, so He might be conceived and born.
    2. Abimelech responds immediately (“early in the morning”) informed his staff and then called Abraham.
      1. Again God uses an unbeliever to admonish His child (Genesis 20:9,10).
      2. Abraham’s response was weak, admitting his self-centeredness (Genesis 20:11-13).
      3. Abimelech gifts Abraham with animals and slaves (Genesis 20:14), with silver (Genesis 20:16)
    3. God aids and protects married persons, even when they are least deserving it.
  3. Jehovah delivered Abraham and Sarah and the promised Seed (cf. Psalm 105:15).
    1. At stake was not just the conception of Isaac, but the Christ (Anointed One).
    2. God delivered Abraham and Sarah for the sake of the church.
      1. They lied and it led them into serious trouble; God never lies keeping His covenant promises, no matter how undeserving.
      2. God’s grace, not man’s works, is magnified. God protected them and protects us, never failing to care for His church.