Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Christ Entered Into His Glory

Date: PM
Text: Luke 24:26
Psalters: 76, 234, 269, 303
  1. The darkness of mind.
    1. These two had no explanation for the reports they had been given that morning (Luke 24:19-24) – by the time they left Jerusalem.
      1. They were concerned about Jesus whom they had believed to be a prophet, mighty in word and deed (Luke 24:19).
      2. This hope had been destroyed when Israel’s chief priests and rulers delivered him to be crucified (Luke 24:20).
      3. More disturbing is the news they got earlier that morning, so “astonished” (thrown into confusion and wonderment).
    2. The unidentified stranger firmly rebuked them for what He called unbelief (Luke 24:25).
      1. Their problem was that they did not see how the cross fit into their idea of an earthly redemption of Israel.
      2. And that led them to have no eyes for nor understanding of a risen Lord.
  2. The solution to their blind folly is found in seeing the necessity of the cross and its subsequent resurrection to glory.
    1. Jesus did not let them know who He was, so they would be willing to hear from the Scriptures.
    2. They were very confused about His death and that it was a death by a cross (cursed).
    3. But the O.T. Scriptures identified the Messiah as a spiritual King, whose kingdom people were sinners in desperate need of spiritual deliverance from sin’s guilt and power (vs. 47).
  3. And the O.T. Scriptures spoke of His spiritual glory by way of a resurrection from the dead (Job 19:26; Ps. 16:9-11; 49:15; Dan. 12:2; Hosea 13:14) and Jesus predicted it (Matt. 16:21; 26:32; Mark 9:9; John 2:19; 5:25; 6:40; 11:25).
    1. His kingdom is spiritual and heavenly (not earthly).
    2. Jesus entered His glory by way of sufferings, just as it is with His people (Acts 14:22).
    3. He arose and ascended (was exalted) to the glorious position of being above every name and to whom every knee will bow.