Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Abraham Commanded to Offer His Son

Date: PM
Text: Genesis 22:1-14
Psalters: 126, 421, 95, 356
Series: Abram
Preparatory to the Lord's Supper
  1. The severe trial.
    1. Abraham was tried (tested) by God (Genesis 22:1; Heb. 11:17).
      1. It was a way for Abraham to exercise faith, and grow in his love and devotion to God.
      2. God’s purpose in every trial of His children is to make more frequent, to improve and strengthen (refine) His work in us.
    2. The trial was that Abraham “take thy son; … and offer him …as a burnt offering” (Genesis 22:2).
      1. It was to be a “burnt offering,” i.e., a voluntary expression of dedication and thanksgiving (not a sin offering).
      2. Did Abraham love God more than “thy son, thine only son, whom thou lovest.”
    3. Abraham’s love for God was a work of God (Phil. 2:13).
    4. Note that the testing of Abraham’s faith was intensified.
  2. “By faith Abraham, when he was tried,” obeyed: he “offered up Isaac;” he “offered up his only begotten” (Heb. 11:17).
    1. Abraham’s love of God was manifested in that he obeyed immediately: “rose up early in the morning” (Genesis 22:3).
    2. It is only by faith that Abraham obeyed (with love of God), for “without faith it is impossible to please Him” (Heb. 11:6).
      1. Faith is knowing God; and it is trust and confidence which sees God’s love and wisdom in every situation.
      2. Faith is a surrendering to God, the willingness to obey even when we do not understand.
  3. God’s graciously gave Abraham faith, gave him the desire and ability to obey, and God gave him a blessing upon his faith.
    1. First, Abraham “received” his son back from the dead “in a figure” (Heb. 11:19), as far as his intent to give him was concerned.
    2. Second, God provided the sacrifice (His Son) in the stead of Abraham’s son (Genesis 22:13).
    3. Abraham returns blessedly happy especially because he saw God’s powerful work in him, enabling him to obey.
    4. Everyone of God’s children are tried by chastening, by strengthening their faith to obey.