Grace Protestant Reformed Church

The One True Living God

Date: PM
Text: Jeremiah 10; Lord's Day 34
Psalters: 15, 252, 385, 282
Series: Heidelberg Catechism
  1. The truth believed.
    1. The truth behind the law and the first commandment is the truth that God is God.
    2. Though He is transcendent, beyond our comprehension (I Kings 8:27; Job 11:7-10) He reveals Himself so He can be known.
      1. He is pure spirit (John 4:24), not a material and thus invisible.
      2. He is personal with an “I” with a will, intelligence, reason, and morality (His goodness).
      3. He is infinite, without limits as to ability, space, and time.
    3. God gave this first commandment when His people came out of a land of idolatry and as it entered another land of many gods.
    4. To keep the law is truly to fellowship with God; thus it is spiritual, calling for inward compliance – how we do things.
  2. The first commandment forbids idolatry.
    1. Sinful man’s big idol is self (II Tim. 3:1,2): personal happiness, individual rights desire fulfillment and materials of the earth.
      1. We must love God and Christ so we are not enslaved by these attachments.
      2. Be aware that Christians easily make their own ideas of God other than God's self-revelation.
    2. We may not put our trust in anyone or anything other than in Him, for man was created always to serve and to trust something.
    3. Other violations of the first commandment.
  3. God requires a right worship from us.
    1. This begins with faith holding for truth everything God has revealed about Himself in His Word.
    2. We are to “cleave” to Him (Deut. 4:4; 10:20; 11:22; 13:4; 30:20; Josh. 22:5; 23:8; II Kings 18:6), adhering or being attached to Him.
    3. Trust in Him alone, with all humility and patience.
    4. Expect all good to be only from Him.
    5. Love, fear, and glorify Him with our whole heart.