Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Boaz: Godly Redeemer, Husband, Father

Date: AM
Text: Ruth 2,3,4
Psalters: 378, 235, 150, 205
Sacrament of Baptism
  1. The godly man (and women).
    1. A prodigal daughter (Naomi) left her spiritual Father’s house and lived for ten years in Moab under her Father’s chastening.
      1. Like the prodigal son, she returned acknowledging her sin and her heavenly Father’s faithful chastening of her (Ruth 1:21).
      2. Bitterness over sin leads to the wondrous joy of God’s mercy (Ps. 86:5,15; 103:8), evidenced in the material provision.
    2. Boaz (strength or quickness) was obviously a man of faith.
    3. Boaz recognized virtues of a child of God in Ruth.
      1. Her care for her mother-in-law, her humility; her industry, and in her trust in God’s providence to lead her.
      2. Boaz evidenced his faith.
  2. The plea for redemption.
    1. Boaz praised Ruth for her virtue (Ruth 3:11) and promised to redeem the Elimelech’s land if the nearer kinsman would not (Ruth 2,3,4:12,13).
      1. He spread his skirt over her (as a symbolic pledge of marriage, 3:9), apparently anticipating the nearer kin would not.
      2. He redeemed Elimelech’s property taking the responsibility to take Ruth in marriage, giving Mahlon a son (Deut. 25:5-10).
      3. Naomi’s advice to Ruth to lie at the feet of Boaz (Ruth 3:4) was not improper, for the widow of a deceased and childless man was free to press her claim for marriage to her kinsman publicly before the elders of the city (Deut. 25:7).
    2. The next day Boaz went to the gate of the city to represent the cause of Ruth (Naomi and Elimelech) to the city’s elders (Ruth 4:1).
  3. Lessons.
    1. Note that “Jehovah gave her conception” (Ruth 4:13). We may not presume conception, but must know that it is truly a gift
    2. Ruth is honored to be included in Christ’s genealogy (Matt. 1:5) which corresponds with what women say to Naomi (Ruth 4:15).
    3. Jesus Christ came and took His church to Himself as His bride, knowing that it means a great sacrifice on His part.