Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Not Tempted Above Ye Are Able

Date: PM
Text: I Corinthians 10:13
Psalters: 80, 34, 96, 202
  1. Sore trials.
    1. “Temptation” is a proving, a trial of our integrity, virtue, and faithfulness by means of our being enticed to sin.
    2. The trials/temptations had “taken” (lay hold on) the new Christians.
      1. The temptations were overpowering and had been laid on them for a lengthy time, so it was increasingly difficult to bear.
      2. They found themselves staring at the hardships, so they were overwhelmed.
  2. God assures.
    1. The first assurance is that “such is common to man.”
      1. This is a very good answer to the lie of our flesh and of the devil: we are unique and not understood in our suffering.
      2. “Common to man” is God’s first answer, calling the lie a lie (the negative is emphatic).
    2. The second assurance is “God is faithful” (II Tim. 2:13).
      1. God is true to every promise He makes, especially to be a very present help in trouble!
      2. In every trial, put this short, sweet sentence in your mouth.
    3. The third assurance is that God controls all, for He “will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able.”
      1. “With the temptation also” implies that He sovereignly gives the temptation/trial.
      2. The sovereign God knows exactly how much we can bear (different from how much we want).
  3. God’s promise is His provision to “make a way of escape.”
    1. First, note that the Greek identifies it as THE way of escape.
    2. God’s provision is that He strengthens us “to bear it.”
    3. Do not despair when facing any and every trial/temptation.