Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Right Receiving of the Word Preached

Date: PM
Text: Acts 17:11
Psalters: 173, 218, 40, 334
  1. The receiving.
    1. It was Paul’s custom to preached on the Sabbath out of the Scriptures (Acts 17:2).
      1. The content of Paul’s message was based on the Word of God, specifically about Jesus’ suffering and resurrection.
      2. The Bereans were outstanding Bible students (studied them every day) and held them as the standard for all truth.
    2. They received the message by attending the preaching and by listening.
  2. How did they receive the preaching of God’s Word?
    1. First and foremost, “with all readiness of mind.”
      1. They had a zeal for the Word preached so it was with enthusiasm; as was Paul’s preaching.
      2. Their enthusiastic reception led to faith: “many believed” (Acts 17:12).
      3. Spirit gives and then uses this enthusiastic receiving of the preaching as the way He works faith originally & continually.
    2. Second, they listened with a critical mind: “searched the scriptures whether those things were so.”
      1. The proper critical reception of the Bereans.
      2. Biblical critical reception of the preaching is the only proper way to receive the preaching.
  3. Such receiving of the preaching made the Bereans “noble” (well born, the quality of excellence, admirable/exemplary).
    1. True nobility is spiritual and arises from the enthusiastic reception of God’s Word.
    2. The spiritually noble are those born into the royal family of God, having the King of kings as their Father.
    3. Let us learn.
      1. The preacher must preach out of the Scriptures, setting forth Scripture’s message of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ.
      2. The ones gathered under the preaching are to receive God’s Word enthusiastically.