Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Set Jehovah Always Before Me

Date: PM
Text: Psalm 16:8
Psalters: 199, 139, 355, 29
  1. Firm resolve.
    1. To “set” God before us is to have a deliberate and conscious resolve to have God front and center in all of my life and thoughts
      1. It is when the thought of God captivates all my senses and all my activity, and is the focus of my life.
      2. When the hubbub of this life obscures the sight of God, then extra effort is put forth to keep Him in my mind.
    2. The object and secret of faith is “Jehovah.”
    3. “Always” means that we constantly include Him in our mind’s eye.
      1. This we are to do in every situation, whatever comes my way, in every good and every hard time.
      2. In every responsibility and in every relationship, in every trial and difficulty, also in the face of death, Jehovah is before us.
    4. Jesus had God always in front of Him, so He was never distracted by anything from his view of Jehovah. Cf. Acts 2:25-31.
    5. Can you say this? Do you have Jehovah continually before you? Is this true of you? Am I God-conscious?
  2. The possibility for our being always in communion with God is the fact that He is always “at my right hand.”
    1. Jehovah puts Himself in this position/relationship, not we.
    2. When we do not set Jehovah before me always, then He is still here, even though I am not aware of Him.
      1. He assures this wretched sinner that I am over and over forgiven.
      2. And He assures me that He ever holds my hand and will not leave nor forsake me (Ps. 73:23). 
  3. The great blessing is that “I shall not be moved.”
    1. Jesus, with God at His right hand, could not be moved from doing His Father’s will (John 6:38; Luke 9:22,51).
    2. For us, the strength of ours immobility comes from outside of us.
    3. Nothing else can stay a man’s soul but God only (cf. Psalm 125:1,2).
    4. This means that our lives are God-centered.