First Petition: Hallowed Be Thy Name

Date: AM
Text: Exodus 15; Lord's Day 47
Psalters: 16, 335, 308, 282
  1. God’s name.
    1. God’s “name” is anything that reveals Him.
      1. If God did not reveal Himself, He would be unknowable.
      2. God must do several things for His highest creature to know Him.
      3. Two other things about God’s revealing of Himself.
    2. God’s name is seen in four places.
  2. This petition asks the Father so to work in us by His Spirit that we “hallow” His revelation, i.e., see it to be holy, held in awe.
    1.  “Hallowed” is to identify something as holy (separate from others and dedicated to the highest good), as reverend, honorable. It is to recognize something to be holy; it is not to make something holy.
    2. Only those gifted with faith can know God (not just about Him), know Him to be holy and worthy of praise.
    3. May His Spirit work in our minds and hearts that we may more and more see Him and His glory in all things. Six thoughts.
    4. And vindicate Thy name of all dishonor (Psalm 83). Make us grieved when His Word is despised and His law ridiculed.
  3. What is the reason our Lord Jesus wants us to pray this petition and to pray it first?
    1. This is to be our greatest desire; with nothing more important to us.
    2. His transcendent glory makes Him worthy to be hallowed.
    3. Only when we love Him, are we able and willing to pray this petition.
      1. Ask for the grace to know and to love Him more and more.
      2. Know your Father more and more, with your knowledge of Him as the center of your life (I Cor. 10:31).