Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Nevertheless, Let Every One of You

Date: AM
Text: Ephesians 5:33
Psalters: 238, 397, 397, 133
Sacrament of Baptism
  1. Husbands, love.
    1. According to God’s design, we begin with the husband; he is first, as Christ is first in the relationship with us.
    2. God instructs husbands that headship is done in only one way: in and with love, nor force or coercion.
      1. Love her in the same way Christ loves you and all the members of the church.
        1. Love is an emotional connection you share because of things you like about each other, but that is not first.
        2. Dwell on knowing and appreciating Jesus’ love for you; see its depth and height and length, so you resolve to reflect it.
      2. Love her as you love yourself, for she is your own flesh. (and bone of your bone).
    3. Every man who is a husband must see that he is not independent, free to live as you please.
  2. And the wife is to obey God’s command to reverence her husband.
    1. Reverence is a proper fear and honor for the husband. reverence, venerate, to treat with some deference.
    2. Reverence applies to the whole life of the wife, for at all times she is one flesh with him.
      1. Reverence is a matter of the heart, seen in an attitude, which is then demonstrated in actions.
      2. The Christian wife is to reverence her husband even as the church is called to reverence her Lord (cf. I Cor. 11:3).
    3. In your wedding vows you bound yourself to have an attitude of respect toward your husband all your life.
  3. The basis for these callings is having God’s high view of marriage: “this is a great mystery.”
    1. In Scripture a mystery is a hidden matter which are now revealed (Eph. 1:9).
    2. In our marriages we are not to forget our ultimate marriage with Christ.
      1. As we follow our Lord’s design for marriage, then we will discover blessings the world can never know.
      2. Pray for the grace of God to conduct yourselves according to God’s design for marriage.
      3. Give thanks that the mystery is made known to us so we taste and see the goodness and wisdom of God to join two as one in marriage till death.