God’s Righteous Demand

Date: AM
Text: Romans 9; Lord's Day 4
Psalters: 375, 342, 146, 242
  1. The question.
    1. Is it right of God to demand of man what is impossible for Adam’s descendants to do?
      1. We are quick to challenge God and to judge Him to be unjust to demand obedience of those who are unable to obey.
      2. And how can God condemn the reprobate when they don’t have the ability to obey God?
    2. Man takes to himself the right to judge God to be unjust to demand what man cannot do.
    3. We want our responsibility determined by our ability, not by God’s commandments.
  2. The Catechism answers that God is just to demand obedience. Four thoughts.
    1. First, God’s continuing to demand loving obedience is because God has not changed; He is maintaining Himself as God.
    2. Second, God may command obedience because He created man able to keep His commands.
    3. Third, the reason we do not obey/love God is because we do not want to do so.
    4. Fourth, man may not take to himself the right to judge God.
  3. Scripture’s answer to this question assures us that there is still hope and that we must not despair.
    1. Let us begin with the constant humble confession of our complete inability.
    2. Then let us look away from ourselves to God’s provision of the Savior and His cross.
      1. God maintained His honor and glory, and thus His standard (did not lower it).
      2. And God provided His only begotten Son Who fulfilled the law perfectly and did so for us.
    3. Therefore, let us bless God Who alone is to be praised for the glorious wonder of His grace.
    4. God, in His great grace, imputed Jesus’ perfect keeping of the law to us.