Jehovah Commissions Joshua To Observe All The Law

Date: PM
Text: Joshua 1:6-9
Psalters: 76, 387, 248, 147
  1. The setting.
    1. God had promised to give the land of Canaan, and assured Joshua he would give it to him/Israel (1-5).
    2. Joshua faced problems which would make the stoutest heart quake.
      1. God commands Joshua to be without fear and hesitation by laying hold of the God revealed in His Word/promises.
      2. We need to focus on God, which thoughts give us the strength and courage to persevere.
    3. We also have fears concerning the future.
  2. God compassionately encourages us because He knows our fears (He knows our frame, that we are dust, Ps. 103:14).
    1. God commands Joshua three times to “be strong and of a good courage.”
      1. Be strong is to stand firm in the face of opposition; good courage is to remain strong and solid when battered, not panic.
      2. Divine commands, which we must obey, are always accompanied by God’s Spirit working in us the will to obey.
    2. Note carefully the command is to “be strong and very courageous…to do according to all the law” (7).
    3. Joshua and we are to be guided by God’s written word (8).
      1. Moses had died, but Moses left God’s written word.
      2. Joshua and we are told that it ought “not depart out of thy mouth,” so speak it, teach it, sing it.
      3. Further, he and we are to “meditate therein day and night” (Ps. 119:15).
  3. The concluding charge (9) - told for the third time to be strong and of good courage.
    1. Repeated because important and necessary to keep our focus on God, the Almighty, our God.
      1. The question (9a) emphasizes that there is Divine warrant: it is our God Who commanded.
      2. Also, this points out that the life of faith consists first in a life of resolve to obey God, which is to love Him.
    2. Note that the path of obedience is identified as the path of prosperity (7b).