Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Israel Accepts Joshua’s Leadership

Date: PM
Text: Joshua 1:10-18
Psalters: 174, 210, 299, 398
  1. Joshua’s acceptance.
    1. Joshua accepted God’s commission by immediately issuing order.
      1. Joshua “commanded” the officers, rightly exercising the authority God had given to Him to lead Israel.
      2. These officers were the men chosen to serve under Moses as leaders of the various tribes (cf. Deut. 1:9-18).
    2. Joshua’s first order was, not a military strategy, but to tell the people to make provisions to journey into Canaan (Joshua 1:10,11).
    3. Notice Joshua’s high confidence in God to keep His promise to give them Canaan: “Jehovah your God giveth you to possess it” (Joshua 1:11) and “until Jehovah have given your brethren rest” (Joshua 1:15).
    4. Canaan (heaven) is ours, bought with Jesus’ precious blood, and is to be enjoyed now by faith.
  2. Then Joshua reminds the tribes of Reuben, Gad, ½ of Manasseh of the agreement to fight with their brethren (Num. 32:16-22)
    1. It was obedience to Moses that moved Joshua (Joshua 1:7; Num. 32:28).
    2. Joshua did not take it for granted that they would carry out their agreement; he exhorts them to remember their commitment
    3. Israel would have to be united in order to defeat the peoples of Canaan (Joshua 1:12-15).
  3. Joshua’s faithful response to God-given duties receive a rich blessing and encouragement from Jehovah (Joshua 1:16-18).
    1. They expressed their unqualified readiness to accept Joshua as their leader, and their readiness to yield to his authority.
    2. And they express their strong support for Joshua in three ways.
      1. One, they assure him of their prayers that “Jehovah thy God be with thee as He was with Moses” (Joshua 1:17).
      2. Two, they declare their wish that anyone disloyal to Joshua be put to death as rightful punishment.
      3. Third, they use God’s word as their desire for Joshua: “only be thou strong and of a good courage” (Joshua 1:18).
    3. They declare that they would do nothing to weaken Joshua and they would do all in their power to make his work easier.