Jericho’s Walls Fell Down Flat

Date: PM
Text: Joshua 6:12-25
Psalters: 186, 406, 373, 394
  1. God’s commands.
    1. Jericho was a key stronghold at entrance into Canaan, considered impregnable and now it is locked up tight (1)!
    2. God declares that He has already given Jericho and its mighty men into the hand of Joshua (2).
    3. God then commanded Joshua to have Israel’s army march around the city with the ark, preceded by seven priests blowing on alarm trumpets, one time each day in succession, then on the seventh day seven times, and the wall will fall down (3-5).
    4. God’s unique marching orders indicates that God’s accomplishments do not remove our responsibilities.
  2. The walls of Jericho fell through the direct activity of God.
    1. Whether God assailed the walls directly or via an earthquake makes no difference – it was a miracle.
    2. God’s miraculous activity harmonizes with the exercise of faith (Heb. 11:30; Mark 9:23; I John 5:4; Ps. 60:12).
    3. The city was accursed to Israel because it was devoted to Jehovah.
      1. Devoted to God as a sacrifice to His justice and the glory of His holiness (which punished their sin).
      2. The fall of Jericho is a type of the fall and destruction man’s world, the world that lies in darkness, whose god is Satan.
  3. And behold God’s mercy.
    1. At the same time, it (sin and death and hell) is overcome, conquered by the faith of God’s people (not carnal violence).
      1. This is God’s mercy, for it gives faith to the true Israel.
      2. This faith conquers every Jericho. God does via the faith He gives. “God, in response to their faith” (Ophoff).
    2. God’s mercy turned Rahab and His mercy saved her and her family so she “perished not” (23,25). (Heb. 11:31).
      1. The preservation of her house on the wall is as much a miracle as all the collapse of the rest of the wall.
      2. Her salvation displays the eternal security of those who trust in Jehovah.
      3. May we live our lives in the consciousness of the righteousness of God’s judgment and of the other