The Conquest of Ai

Date: PM
Text: Joshua 8
Psalters: 292, 293, 180, 126
  • Joshua 8: 1-29


    I. God’s Specific Instructions

    A. God introduces His instructions:

    1. “See, I have given into thy hand the king of Ai, and his people, and his city, and his land” (1b).

    2. Commands them utterly to destroy the people of Ai, and gives Israel permission to take the spoil.

    B. God gives victory in the way of faith-producing obedience to God’s commands which required diligence and self-denial in

    their use of the gifts/abilities God had given to them.

    1. God’s sovereignty includes the use of means (e.g. eating and resting), and instead of inducing sloth spurs obedience.

    2. God countered their pride: use “all the people of war” (Num. 26:51) and use a humble method of ambush.

    3. Such a plan required full cooperation on all parts of the army, i.e., they must work together.

    II. The promise of victory is realized.

    A. It was not too humbling: Joshua and the people to comply promptly.

    1. They conduct themselves promptly.

    2. By faith they obeyed God’s and Joshua’s command; (no obedience without faith).

    3. A miracle occurred that the men in ambush were not detected and that the king of Ai did not send out scouts.

    B. Joshua and the main army feigned fear and fled (15).

    C.Jehovah commanded Joshua to stretch out his spear (18 and 26).

    D.When they take the city, they kill every human and then burn it with fire (8,19).

    E. We learn that God has Israel grow in spiritual development, as God now uses them as His instruments.