I Will Look Unto Jehovah

Date: AM
Text: Micah 7:7
Psalters: 192, 103, 231, 71
Sacrament of Baptism
  • I. Grievous Judgment

    A. Chapter 7 is the prophet’s lament (for the true believers) concerning the general depravity of the times he lived.

    B. The monumental breakdown of society is God’s judgment.

    1. Divine judgment is not only having military overthrow, but also no satisfaction and no harvest.

    2. And God’s judgment is on relationships so cannot trust a friend (5). Every friendship is broken.

    C.There is no one like God in such judgments!

    II. When all this happens and human help fails, then Micah declares that he will look unto Jehovah.

    A. Our text is his declaration what he was determined to do for his relief in such circumstances.

    B. Looking to Jehovah and waiting on Him refer to the same activity: to “gaze intently” with the devotion of faith toward Him.

    1. It is the exercise of faith in eager expectation, so his eye is directed to God.

    2. It is to look with strong desire for fellowship with God, contemplating God and hoping in Him.

    3. It is to look to Him for all supplies of grace, and for eternal glory now and for eternal glory and happiness hereafter.

    III. The great reason is because He is “the God of my salvation” (Ps. 18:46; 25:5; 27:9; 62:7; 65:5; 79:9; 85:4).

    A. This is a title which speaks of past deliverances as well as a hope for the future.

    B. As the God of my salvation He is the author of our being delivered from the bondage of sin and the fear of hell.

    C.The one to whom we look and on whom we wait is “my God” and “the God of my salvation” – very personal.

    IV. Thus, there is hope, for He “will hear me”

    A. When we can say that God is my God, then we can also say that He will hear and answer me.

    B. Thus, all mistrust and despondency is to be supremely avoided, and we are to seek to possess a solid confidence in God.

    C.My enemies ought not rejoice at my difficulties for I shall arise; and when I sit in darkness, Jehovah is a light to me (8).