I Believe Body Resurrection and Life Eternal

Date: AM
Text: II Corinthians 5
Psalters: 353, 335, 202, 32
  • Lord’s Day 22; II Corinthians 5


    I. The Soul Resurrection

    A. Faith in the resurrection of the soul is implied in faith in the resurrection of the body.

    1. This takes place at the moment of death (Luke 23:43; 16:22).

    2. The Bible teaches an immediate experience of glory for the soul (intermediate state).

    B. This denies:

    C.The intermediate state is not perfect, though it is an increase in communion with Christ. Not perfect for three reasons.

    II. The resurrection of the body will take place when Jesus returns (John 5:28,29; I Thess. 4:16,17).

    A. Scripture speaks of the resurrection of the body: II Cor. 5:1; Phil. 3:21; I Cor. 15:43,44.

    B. We need our bodies in heaven as much as we need them on the earth.

    1. God created man a unity of soul and body, fashioned for fellowship with God.

    2. Also redemption in Christ includes our bodies and their resurrection (Romans 8:23).

    C.God will miraculously call our bodies out of the dust and makes them like the glorious body of Christ (I Jn. 3:1)

    1. Faith in the risen Christ is a faith which believes in the glorious bodily resurrection (Rom. 8:23b).

    2. Jesus’ bodily resurrection is the cause of the resurrection of the bodies of those who are in Christ (I Cor. 15).

    III. “Life everlasting” is the goal of the resurrection of the soul and body.

    A. It is the blessedness of perfect, unending experience of the Father’s love; it is perfect and unending joy and praise!

    B. Now we have a beginning of eternal life in regeneration, and are enabled to believe in God’s begotten Son.

    C.By faith we have a certain and sure hope.

    1. Promised to us is a future which is the future of Christ and of all who share in His benefits.

    2. By exercising faith, death loses its sting and the grave its victory.