God’s Promise Concerning David’s Seed

Date: AM
Text: Psalm 132
Psalters: 73, 64, 243, 367
Sacrament of Baptism
  • Psalm 132: 11,12

    Baptism: Lucas Vern Klamer and Charleigh Mae Van Dyke


    I. The Rich Promise

    A. The occasion for God’s Word to David is David’s bringing the ark of the covenant into a tent on Mt. Zion (II Sam. 6:12ff).

    1. David had a time of rest from wars (II Sam. 7:1), during which David determined to build a fixed abode for the ark.

    2. But God told David that he was not to build God’s house (I Kings 8:18), but God would build his house (II Sam. 7:11b).

    B. God confirmed this with an oath (11a; 89:34,49).

    C.Specifically, the content of God’s oath is: “of the fruit of thy body will I set on thy throne.”

    1. David is promised a successor who is of his own seed; in fact, a continuous line of successors.

    2. God chose Solomon ahead of all David’s other sons, but also one greater than Solomon: the Messiah.

    3. The Messiah was set as King over God’s holy hill (Zion).

    II. An obligation ensues.

    A. Does the continuing of the David’s seed as king depend on their good conduct or human merit?

    B. Rather God’s blessing is experienced only in the way of obedience, which obedience God gives of His grace.

    1. To keep God’s “covenant and testimony” is to keep the law.

    2. Israel’s kings were to conduct themselves according to it, and to rule the people by it.

    C.“Keep” God’s covenant and testimony is an impossibility for man.

    D.Christians (Christ’s followers) lay hold by faith on the covenant and its promises as received the gospel.

    1. The continuing of the covenant in the line of generations is no guarantee to or for any individual who walks in sin and His

    children who learn His ways.

    2. Parents must see to it that their children know the fear of the Lord and plead constantly that God teach them His truth.