The Grace Of Baptism

Date: AM
Text: Acts 2
Psalters: 391, 233, 259, 360
Sacrament of Baptism
  • Lord’s Day 27; Acts 2

    Baptism: Aiden Matthew Duncan and Rose Sheryl Koole


    I. The Errors

    A. First, the water of baptism, by itself, does not give grace nor does it wash away sin.

    B. Second, we do not baptize our children because we believe that all children of believing parents are elect (cf. Rom. 9:6).

    C.Third, we do not baptize our children presuming that they are already born again.

    D.Fourth, we do not believe that in baptism God makes a promise of salvation to everyone baptized, if they believe.

    E. We baptize our children because…

    II. Baptism, like circumcision, is a sign of the covenant, i.e., the symbol of God’s saving grace to believers and their children.

    A. God establishes His covenant with Abraham and with his children in their generations (Gen. 17:7).

    B. As a sign, circumcision represented the same thing represented by baptism.

    C.In the New Dispensation God still establishes His covenant God with believers, as He did with Abraham (Acts 2:39).

    1. Because of this, New Testament believers are also commanded to administer the sign of the covenant to their children.

    2. Though the New Testament does not record an incident of an infant being baptized, there are statements and promises

    of the covenant to believers and their seed, i.e., in families instead of just individuals (Acts 16:15,33).

    III. Baptism is the Word of God in visible form.

    A. Only faith can see our being washed by the blood of Christ. This is only true for the elect, believing children of believers.

    B. What does baptism teach us?

    1. First, that our children are all sinners who need salvation through the blood and Spirit of Jesus Christ.

    2. Second, baptism teaches that God makes a special promise to believers, to work salvation in their generations.

    3. Third, baptism teaches that believing parents have a great responsibility to bring up children in the fear of Jehovah.

    4. Baptism also teaches our children that they are set apart by God to be His people in this world.