God Calls Moses To Lead Israel

Date: AM
Text: Exodus 3
Psalters: 256, 61, 152, 407
Installation of Elders and Deacons
  • Exodus 3:11,12a; 4:10,11

    Officebearer Installation: Dave Hanko, Bob VandenTop, Tyler Kamps, Jacob Peterson


    I. Moses Objects

    A. Moses’ first objection: he not able to lead Israel.

    1. At 40 he was full of zeal and confidence, but now he sees difficulties in himself, in the people, and in the task.

    2. Moses’ foolish efforts 40 years earlier and his work as shepherd taught him his own incapability and insignificance.

    B. Moses also objected that he is “not eloquent,” but is “slow of speech, and of a slow tongue” (4:10).

    1. He claimed he never had a gift necessary to be an officebearer, viz., able to make fitting comments in an effective way.

    2. “Heretofore” means: Moses had this problem all his life.

    C.Finally, Moses asks God to send anyone else, for anyone else would be a more fit and proper person than he (4:13).

    II. God gives great assurances.

    A. God responds to Moses’ first objection by promising, “Certainly, I will be with thee.”

    1. Note well: it is exactly humility which makes one a fit instrument in God’s hand for the service of God.

    2. God’s answer is simply: I Myself will go with you (cf. Matt. 28:20b). God does not ask Moses to go alone.

    B. God’s answer to Moses’ declaration that he lacks the abilities is that He will equip those whom He calls (4:11,12).

    1. God rebukes Moses: do you think that God does not know what He is doing in selecting you?

    2. God is able to do so because He is the God of the mouth and the Author of speech (4:11).

    C.God displays anger against those who still object or deny His ability to use those whom He puts into the office.

    III. Look at God’s grace which uses and enables weakest instruments, instead of continuing to put difficulties before God.

    A. Never lose the knowledge of our weaknesses (“Who am I?”) because that is the occasion to look to God and officebearers.

    B. Focus, not on your abilities, but on whether God has called you (1


    question) and you need nothing else.