Covenant Family Blessings

Date: AM
Text: Psalm 128
Psalters: 225, 322, 393, 360
  • Psalm 128: Family Visitation Theme - 2021


    I. To and Through Whom

    A. The psalm first speaks of the home of “everyone” (1), and then focuses on the “man” (4) with “thy wife” (3).

    1. God deals with the man and blesses the home through the man because he is appointed head.

    2. Blessings come to the man, and are filtered through the man to the rest of the family.

    B. The blessed man “feareth Jehovah.”

    1. The believer’s fear of God is the greatest reverence, respect, and awe coupled with faith and love.

    2. The knowledge of God is a power which constrains us to please Him so he by “walketh in His ways” (II Cor. 5:14).

    C.The man and his family “eat the labor of thine hands” (2a).

    II. The blessings.

    A. The blessing of Jehovah is to know God’s love and salvation; to receive & experience the power of His grace.

    B. When God’s love rests upon a family, then all things come to that home as a blessing from God.

    1. The father and family eat of the labor of your hands (2, Eccl. 2:24), not have it stolen from them.

    2. Even greater blessing is believing wife, for she is as a vine, which pictures prosperity and joy.

    3. “Children” are blessings, not financial burdens or limitations to the parents’ lives.

    C.“Behold” calls us to stop and observe how God blesses one who fears Him.

    III. The blessed home is connected to “Zion” (Jerusalem, Israel); home is nurtured and grows in the context of the church (5,6).

    A. Gospel preaching in the church is the primary means God uses to give the blessings of salvation; elders care for souls.

    B. And then you will be a blessing in and to the church (5b,6), for see generational blessings in the church and see peace.

    C.God’s blessing is not just for us, but so we may bless others and be a blessing with our presence and gifts in the church.