Anticipating The Appearing of Jesus' Glory

Date: PM
Text: Titus 2:13,14
Psalters: 170, 160, 204, 28
  1. The hope.
    1. Three remarks about the text.
    2. “Blessed hope” is the appearance of glory which God in Christ will bring with Him for us.
      1. The grace which saves makes the recipients look ahead for the appearance of the glory of Christ.
      2. It is a “hope.”
      3. It is “blessed.”
  2. The hope is the glory of our great God and Savior: Jesus Christ.
    1. This is the glory which God in Christ the Savior prepares and will give us when He appears.
      1. Saving grace teaches us to look for an epiphany, an appearance.
      2. It is the “glory of Jesus, Who is great God.
    2. This glory is bound up in our Savior.
      1. He “gave Himself for us.”
      2. He gave Himself first to “redeem us from all iniquity.”
      3. And He gave Himself to “purify unto Himself a peculiar people.”
      4. This purification is unto a zeal for good works of gratitude.
  3. The result is an anticipation.
    1. Our “looking” implies:
    2. Our blessed hope is in constant tension with our being earthy and living on the earth.
      1. As a powerful magnet we are pulled heavenward.
      2. This longing is a constant activity; we keep longing and expecting.