Faith in Father and His Providence

Date: AM
Text: Psalm 104; Lord's Day 10
Psalters: 114, 328, 285, 345
  1. Our Father’s control.
    1. Providence is that God exercises absolute control over everything He created.
      1. First, He upholds, i.e., preserves in existence by the same Word of power by which He created.
      2. Second, He governs everything in perfect wisdom unto the end of His glory and our good.
    2. God is able to control all (even though we may not be able to explain it).
      1. God’ control is constant and omnipotent - not just Mighty, but Almighty (Psalm 135:6).
      2. God’s control is free, never prevented by anything from doing His will (Daniel 4:35; Eph. 1:11).
      3. God’s control is purposeful to the highest end (not arbitrary, impulsive, wayward or fickle).
    3. Our faith in God’s providence leads us to reject certain errors.
  2. The proper response to faith in God’s providence is child-like joy and gratitude, which is expressed by our being ....
    1. Obedient to our gracious Father.
    2. Thankful in prosperity (Psalm 103:2).
    3. Patient in adversity.
    4. And trusting our Father’s wisdom and love.