He Shall Come To Judge

Date: PM
Text: II Thessalonians 1; Lord's Day 19
Psalters: 259, 1, 16, 420
  1. A glorious return.
    1. The One Who died for us will return visibly and personally.
      1. It is literal and personal return of Him Who went up to heaven.
      2. It will be open and public (not secret).
      3. It is near and He is coming quickly (Matt. 26:64; Rev. 22:12).
      4. It is “revelation” (7) because it will “uncover” or “unveil” Jesus’ unspeakable glory.
    2. Christ’s return inaugurates a new phase of history ending life as we know it.
      1. His return brings the judgment of both the just and the unjust (II Thess. 1:6-10).
      2. This return brings the ultimate realization of the believer’s hope.
      3. And Christ’s return brings the creation of a new heavens and earth (II Peter 3:3-13).
  2. The chief purpose of Jesus’ return is to judge.
    1. Jesus is the Judge.
    2. The purpose is the theodicy – the justification of God’s every work in the consciousness of all moral creatures.
      1. All rational, moral creatures (men and angels) will appear in our resurrection bodies.
      2. Public, so Christ and His cause will be publicly justified and all the power of Christ’s blood manifested.
      3. Will manifest that God was just and perfectly wise in all of His governing of the world.
    3. He comes “with flaming fire” (7,8).
  3. The knowledge of Christ’s return for judgment is “most desirable and comfortable to the righteous” (Belgic., Art. 37).
    1. First, it is a day of recompense, visiting every unforgiven sin and setting everything straight.
    2. Second, Christ’s return is “rest” (7) for those who are “troubled” in this life.
      1. This rest is refreshment, ease, and tranquillity, relaxation from the rigors of patient endurance.
      2. It means perfect deliverance from the body of this death and all the sins related to it.
      3. Every elect receives the final manifestation of the perfect and eternal Rest (sabbath).
    3. May the knowledge of this coming Day strengthen your resolve to endure patiently the trials and travails of this life.