A Virgin Shall Conceive

Date: PM
Text: Isaiah 7:14
Psalters: 376, 275, 111, 243
  1. The occasion.
    1. The kingdom of Judah is in imminent danger of being destroyed by Syria and Israel.
      1. Isaiah is instructed to meet Ahaz there and communicate God’s assurance that Judah need not fear (4,7).
      2. But Ahaz did not believe God, and refused a sign, pretending humility (12).
    2. God Himself will give a sign.
      1. This sign will show that God can and will do the impossible.
      2. And it shows that man will always refuse to admit that he cannot save himself.
  2. The virgin birth of Jesus proclaims that God, without the aid of man, gained salvation.
    1. This passage is a problem for some, because “virgin” may also be translated “a young woman.”
    2. The words of our text were fulfilled when Jesus was conceived in Mary and born in Bethlehem.
      1. This is the truth of the incarnation – the in-flesh-ment of God – God come in human flesh.
      2. The Redeemer was born, not by the will, the power, or the instrumentality of man.
    3. Because He is born of a virgin, His Father is the eternal God.
  3. This is the marvel of the grace of God.
    1. This wonder surpasses every other wonder (I Tim. 3:16).
    2. All that can be said of God and all that can be said of man can and may be said of Jesus.
    3. Once more: He is God with us – Immanuel. He is not only God for us, but God with us.
    4. And now in heaven He remains God with us.
    5. So let us bow down and worship before the God who is with us.