Blessed Be Jehovah God

Date: PM
Text: Psalm 72:18,19
Psalters: 86, 39, 172, 197
Confession of Faith
  1. The object.
    1. ?Jehovah God.?
      1. This is believed to be a prayer of David for Solomon (type) and of Christ (reality)
      2. Jehovah is the I Am, the perfectly Self-sufficient One, without outside needs.
      3. God is the One Who is infinitely perfect in all His Being and actions; full of infinite perfections.
    1. And He is ?the God of Israel.?
      1. He brought the nation out of Egypt; went before them in the wilderness; redeemed and saved them.
      2. In Him all the true Israel of God are justified together into an holy nation.
    2. ?His glorious name.?
  2. The reason for the praise is because He ?only does wondrous things.?
    1. ?Wondrous? are marvelous, extra-ordinary, surpassing, beyond one?s ability to understand.
    2. It was not because of the excellence of David?s son and other sons who were kings that the royal throne was so glorious.
    3. Over against man?s failures are the many wondrous things God does.
      1. He does wondrous things in the creation of all things and in the government of the world.
      2. The wondrous things the psalmist has in mind are the excellence of king?s office and the king?s kingdom.
    4. A part of God?s wondrous things is His grace at work in the lives and hearts of His children working and maturing faith.
  3. Therefore, blessed be Jehovah.
    1. To God belongs a doxology or ascription of glory and blessing properly.
      1. This is because all good things are from Him and by Him.
      2. These verses call for profound gratitude and emotion arising from a proper understanding of our King and His kingdom.
    2. ?Let the whole earth be filled with His glory.?
      1. David, with good reason, prays that the glory of God?s name may fill the whole earth.
      2. Then all nations shall come and worship Him.
    3. ?Amen and Amen.?