Prayer For Daily Bread

Date: AM
Text: I Kings 17; Lord's Day 50
Psalters: 368, 335, 401, 100
  1. The petition.
    1. We are taught to ask for “bread.”
      1. Bread is a figure of speech to indicate man’s physical necessities: food, clothing, shelter.
      2. This teaches us that we do not live in order to eat, but that we eat in order to live.
    2. Jesus taught us to add the word “daily.”
      1. We are to ask God for our needs for this day.
      2. This is contrary to our nature, for we are inclined to be worried about tomorrow.
  2. Six things about our attitude implied in this petition.
    1. First, Jesus teaches us to acknowledge God’s sovereign, providential care of us.
    2. Two, this petition expresses our conscious dependence on God.
    3. Third, this petition make us express our childlike trust and confidence in our heavenly Father.
    4. Fourth, this petition is also a request for grace to be content with only bread, and only for today
    5. Fifth, this petition expresses the realization that sometimes it is God’s will that we are without daily bread (II Cor. 11:27; Heb. 11:37; Rev. 13:17).
    6. And sixth, this petition requires that we walk in God’s way with respect to bread, i.e., not sluggards.
  3. Four thoughts which describe the manner in which we pray this petition.
    1. Jesus wants us to be thnking also of the needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ: “us” and “our.
    2. Second, bread is without value if we don’t have God’s blessing.
    3. Third, Jesus teaches us to be willing to be content if God gives us only daily bread.
    4. Finally, our only Teacher words this petition so it is very spiritual.