Knowing The Origin Of My Sin

Date: AM
Text: Genesis 2,3; Lord's Day 3
Psalters: 256, 103, 37, 23
  1. Is God responsible for our proneness to hate Him and our neighbor because of how He created us?
    1. Scripture reveals that God hates sin, even though it is present by the will, under His providence, serving His purpose.
    2. We cannot blame the good God because He created mankind good, without the sin and misery.
      1. God’s creation of man was especially good because man was God’s highest creature.
      2. God made man “in His own image,” i.e., like God, “looked” like God spiritually.
  2. Man’s sin and misery had its origin in us, i.e., in our first father’s willful fall into sin.
    1. Adam was created fallible, i.e., he was able to fall from this lofty position.
    2. Adam was created with a morally free will.
      1. This means that Adam was spiritually free either to love God or to hate Him
      2. God placed before Adam two trees which were the occasion for him to express his free will.
    3. Sin came when Adam, of his own will, chose to disobey God and determine good and evil for himself.
  3. To what extent are we naturally sinners?
    1. Adam and Eve immediately knew guilt; that they were worthy of the punishment of death (Rom. 6:23).
    2. Adam’s fall into sin had bitter consequences for all mankind.
      1. The sin of one brought sin and death to all mankind (I Cor. 15: 21,22; Romans 5:12).
      2. Now we are, by nature, wholly incapable of doing any good and are inclined to all wickedness (totally depraved).
    3. The only hope of escape is from outside of ourselves: the grace and mercy of God in Jesus Christ.
      1. First, we must accept this responsibility personally for all of our guilt and corruption.
      2. Then learn that in Christ there is forgiveness of all our sin and guilt
      3. Jesus does this by regenerating us, re-creating us in the image of God (now the image of Christ).