The Office Of Christ

Date: PM
Text: Psalm 110; Lord's Day 12
Psalters: 250, 67, 36, 303
  1. The idea of office.
    1. Adam was created an office-bearer of God.
      1. Adam was to serve God.
      2. The office is to represent visibly the invisible, infinitely glorious God before His creatures.
    2. Adam?s one office had three inseparable aspects: head, heart, hand.
      1. Intellectually Adam was prophet of God.
      2. Volitionally (his will), he was priest, able to want to love Him.
      3. Actively in relation to the world, he was king (under God).
    3. Sin entered the world, and God?s office-bearer became a rebel, an office-bearer of the devil.
  2. Jesus is given this office.
    1. The Christ was anointed and qualified to lead the works of God unto the highest glory of the heavenly kingdom.
      1. Christ did much more than restore to the original relationship.
      2. Christ?s coming into the world was in God?s counsel first, in order to unite all things in Him.
    2. Jesus is the prophet (Acts 3:22,23 from Deut. 18:15-19) who declared the Father (John 1:19; 15:15).
    3. Jesus as priest actually redeemed us with His one sacrifice (Hebrews 8:1,2; 9:14,28).
    4. Christ is King (John 18:37), eternally, gaining complete victory (Heb. 2:14,15).
  3. Do you believe that Jesus is the Christ (Matt. 16:15,16; John 6:66-69)?
    1. Seek to know more and more the knowledge of God and of your salvation.
    2. Believe that you need Him alone for forgiveness.
    3. Fight against sin and submit to His authority as your Lord and King.