The Son Took Part Of Our Flesh and Blood

Date: AM
Text: Hebrews 2:14-18; Lord's Day 14
Psalters: 425, 110, 218, 403
  1. The fact.
    1. Our Mediator must be, not only very God, but also very man (Lord?s Days 5 & 6).
      1. Incarnation: the Second Person of the Trinity took upon Himself our human nature (Rom. 9:5; I John 4:2).
      2. He is God and man in one Person.
      3. His conception and birth was a willing deed on His part (Phil. 2:7).
    2. The incarnation implies the virgin birth.
    3. This truth has been repeatedly denied under the instigation of the devil.
  2. The benefits of Jesus? holy conception and virgin birth.
    1. First, the result of the incarnation via the virgin is that Jesus has a perfect human nature.
    2. Second, Jesus? holy conception shows that we are sinful at the root: at conception.
    3. Third, this enables Him to be identified with us, thus equipping Him to be our Savior.
  3. The great comfort.
    1. This enables Jesus to sympathize with our weaknesses (Hebrew 4:15).
    2. More, He is thus able to be our Mediator.
      1. His real humanity enables Him to take on Himself all our sinfulness and sin.
      2. His deity assures me that His birth and death are of infinite value to satisfy God?s justice.
      3. He is able to translate my guilt into His righteousness and my pollution into holiness.
    3. And it enables the Son of Man to be a fitting Judge of all (John 5:22,27).