The Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Date: AM
Text: Revelation 19:9
Psalters: 401, 166, 280, 239
Sacrament of the Lord's Supper
  1. The victorious setting.
    1. Chapters 17 & 18 describe the final and complete destruction of Antichrist.
      1. God’s judgment of the great whore implies:
      2. This is the cause for great joy in heaven (19:1) as they celebrate God’s victory over the spiritual harlot.
    2. The entire church (the 24 elders) and creation (4 beasts) also sing (6).
    3. Altogether they sing, Alleluia, for the Lord God omnipotent reigns.
  2. The marriage of the Lamb.
    1. The actual marriage is the culmination of a long engagement (like Jewish weddings).
    2. Note that the Bridegroom is called “the Lamb.”
    3. The bride is “they which are called.”
  3. The blessed supper.
    1. For the marriage and supper the bride dresses herself (8).
      1. By faith she arrays herself in righteousness of saints.
      2. That she makes herself ready is not her earning the right to the supper and the marriage.
    2. The marriage of the Lamb occasions the marriage supper; a meal together is a picture of good fellowship.
    3. Even before the marriage supper the called ones are “blessed.”