Our Savior's Death

Date: AM
Text: Matthew 27; Lord's Day 16
Psalters: 137, 184, 47, 28
  1. Its horrible character.
    1. What is death, physically and spiritually?
      1. Physical death is the end of our earthly existence because the body collapses and is dissolved.
      2. Spiritual death is the expression of God’s wrath, a revelation of His justice against the sinner (Rom. 6:23).
    2. The death of the Son of God was a crucifixion, which meant that He was cursed of God.
    3. Jesus’ burial was necessary because the grave is a part of the whole experience of death.
    4. Jesus’ descension into hell also shows the extent of His death.
    5. Jesus voluntarily died – a most unique feature of His death.
  2. Its benefits and comfort.
    1. Jesus’ death was the only and the most perfect sacrifice for sin.
      1. His sacrifice completely satisfied God’s justice with respect to all of our sin.
      2. More, Jesus’ death took away the sting out of death for all His own.
    2. Jesus’ burial shows that Jesus left nothing out of our punishment.
    3. Jesus’ death earned for us deliverance from hell’s agonies and the presence of God’s love.