Proper Partaking Of The Supper

Date: AM
Text: II Corinthians 13; Lord's Day 30
Psalters: 400, 324, 299, 384
  1. Proper partaking requires that we correctly see our Lord?s death in the Supper.
    1. It is incorrect to say that Christ?s body and blood are present physically.
    2. The Reformed churches declare that Christ is present in the Supper in a spiritual sense.
  2. Spiritual partaking also requires that the sacrament be spiritually administered.
    1. First, spiritual administration means that Jesus is seen as the Host through His representatives, the elders.
      1. The elders? supervision of the Table is seen in their distributing the elements.
      2. The elders administer the supper by determining who may partake.
    2. Second, spiritual administration is an act of obedience to the Lord?s command.
    3. Third, spiritual administration requires that the Lord?s Table be guarded properly.
      1. Not ?open,? but close.
      2. The sacrament is not a gospel call to the unconverted.
    4. And spiritual administration requires the preaching which displays the Jesus and the death He died.
  3. Spiritual partaking requires something of those who partake.
    1. Three groups are not proper partakers.
      1. Those who by confession and life declare themselves to be unbelieving and ungodly.
      2. Hypocrites are members who know they are false, but they keep up a pious front.
      3. Insincere believers, i.e., those who do not turn to God with sincere hearts.
    2. A spiritual partaker exercises faith i.e., a spiritual disposition.
      1. They have sincere sorrow for sin.
      2. They trust in Jesus Christ for forgiveness, full and free, that I am forgiven for Christ?s sake.
      3. They have a grateful desire that our faith be stronger and our lives more holy.
    3. When believers do it SO, then blessings result for the believers and for the church.